Merz & Solitude

Website for publishing house Merz & Solitude, a Collaboration between Merz Akademie and Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. In collaboration with Biotop 3000

Angst 3D Series (Preview)

Logotype and skateboard design for Berlin based company Angst. Each deck will include a pair of Wayfarer style red/cyan 3D glasses (I bet u haven’t seen any Berlin Mitte hipsters wearing these yet). The skateboards are currently in production, so stop by again to see some real photos of the finished decks.

I also recommend that you check Mirko Mielke’s expose decks: The designs have been projected directly on the skateboards using a sophisticated analog photo-technique that involves spraying a light sensitive emulsion on the deck’s surface and exposing it for 24 hours…

Angst Logotype Angst 3D Series Mockup


Website for Ecolistec AG, a swiss company specialised in cleaning and drainage solutions which help to make construction sites more environmentally friendly.


Best Before – A Dsico Fanzine

Manuel Bürger, Tracky Birthday, Konrad Kuhn and I teamed up to create “Best before - A Dsico Fanzine”.

The fanzine is a playful hommage but also a critical examination of Disco culture. It boasts of 52-pages, screenprinted by hand, limited to 250 copies, plus a poster inlay. The title “Best before” indicates that even if the validity of Disco music is long expired, it’s still around. Many people consider it dead - while there’s all kinds of ghosts that prove it’s stayin alive! Who will finally kill it?

To order your copy or download some fresh mixes visit the fanzine’s oldskool website (made by me):

dsico fanzine

Spring Reverb

TL047 based amplification circuit connected to an Accutronics 8DB2C1D Medium Length reverb spring, all mounted onto a thick mahogany slab. Made for Tracky Birthday.

Spring Reverb Spring ReverbSpring Reverb


Little website for a shop/gallery specialized in vintage italian designer furniture.

hofstall website

Out Of Disorder

What the guys from upitup say about “Out of Disorder”:
“With his second album Roglok releases yet another insane masterpiece. It seems that the kid who designed our website has not only found his own sound (we call it hobby) but also brought it to perfection: gummy acid basslines over punchy dancefloor beats, that ridiculous melody you can’t get out of your head, some gabber and techno. His legendary set at Picknick in Berlin turned the place upside down and made the hipsters lose their aloofness. You just have to dance! Out Of Disorder finally puts an end to waiting for new Roglok stuff after Radetzky March 303 got us hungry last year. Hasi is not the only one who calls it a ‘Brett’ (ace), cause this is the freshest shit you can get anywhere!”

Download a zip file of this release and discover loads of other phresh and free music at Upitup Records.


Out Of Disorder

Interview for “Yomu Ongaku”

Masayuki who is running the music forest blog interviewed me about Upitup Records and the future of the music industry. The interview was published in the book Yomu Ongaku (Reading Music) made by J-Core producer DJ Technorch. “Yomu Ongaku” is written in japanese and limited to 300 copies - unfortunately I couldn’t get a printed specimen. Below you can download the english version.


Yomu Ongaku interview (1,5 MB, japanese)
Yomu Ongaku interview (4 KB, english)


Yomu Ongaku CoverYomu Ongaku Cover

Isocloud 3000 Type

Extra bold and bubbly but at the same time readable and demure, the monospaced Isocloud 3000 type works well for cuddly headlines with a feminine touch or silver piece graffiti bombings.


Isocloud 3000 (Win TT/Open Type TT)
Isocloud 3000 demo

Aquabon UMR

I have built a custom enclosure for the highlyliquid universal MIDI retrofit. The i/o connections are exported to a DB-25 connector – this allows a variety of keyboards to be used with the box after a DIP switch adjustment. Pictured is my Casio Rapman keyboard, ready to receive triggers.

Aquabon UMRAquabon UMR